Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prologue: Part 1 - Making Lists

I guess it all starts with typing something... Now that has been done I suppose we can begin.

It took us about an hour and a half just to come up with the name for this blog. "Pack the Planet" was Prue's suggestion, a play on words originating from the quote "Hack the Planet" from the mid 90's movie 'Hackers'. We were leaning towards "Loosing Face" because we know that was something we'd have to try very hard not to do while travelling through Asia. We threw around a few other silly names before eventually settling for "pack the planet" cause...Y'know...we're backpackers... and travelling around the planet... Yeah.

It is about 9 weeks now until we leave and we still have quite a lot of things to organise. We sent away our Visa applications today and we have begun the arduous task of sorting out all of the shit that we have accumulated over the years as we begin to pack everything for storage, throw away the crap that we really dont need and never ever use yet seem to manage to keep holding onto even though it serves no purpose at all. Eventually all our worldly possesions will need to fit into two very fucking heavy backpacks.

Looking around our tiny apartment as we type this it is easy to be overwhelmed at the scope of the task of getting ready, but luckily for us Prue has been quite busy making lists...