Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Final Seven Days.

Today marks another milestone as we approach our departure in one week's time. We have finally moved out of our tiny caretaker apartment and shoe horned our remaining "shit" into an even tinier apartment upstairs. The computer is gone, the Xbox is back in its box, the internet is disconnected, we've watched all the recorded TV, thrown away all the stuff we couldn't give away and the apartment had been scrubbed 'till it shines like new. Our lists are looking a lot smaller now, as we only have a few last minute affairs to settle and then pack one last load into the car and get the fuck outta Melbourne...Well at least until our flight leaves next Thursday.

We have taken advantage of the good exchange rates (although slightly prematurely) and locked in some flights and accommodation for the European leg of our trip. At this stage we leave the tropics of Bangkok just after midnight on the 22nd of December and arrive in Mid-Winter-London at about 6am. We have booked 5 nights in a double room at Astor backpacker hostel near Hyde Park in Kensington, where we will spend a cold and lonely orphans Christmas. From London we travel by Train to Edinburgh in Scotland Where we have booked a package deal for a tour of the Highlands of Scotland, plus accommodation and passes to the Hogmanay festival at New Years Eve.

On the 4th of January we have booked a flight from Edinburgh to Munich in Germania, the locals call it Munchen... lol, Zose cwazy Germans! Then after three nights in Munchen we take a 6Euro flight to Vienna (Wein) in Austria where we will attend Laura and Headley's Wedding and hopefully someone will take me skiing despite the fact my insurance won't cover it... Sorry Prue, you'll have to watch. Then I guess we'll find our way back to the UK and begin looking for somewhere to live and someone to pay us.

Seven days to go.... OH FUCK!