Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inside 48 hours, two sleeps left...

We are done. The bags are packed, we are ready to go. Time to relax and say goodbye to our friends and loved ones. The weight of the world has been lifted from our shoulders since finishing our work and moving out of our home in Melbourne. Prue has unpacked and repacked her backpack for (what she says is..) the last time. There are no more last minute must have purchases to be made and no more boxes of crap to be discreetly hidden in our parents wardrobes. We finalised all of our affairs, and set the mobile phone voicemail to deliver a message of our absence. Even the cat has settled into its new home.

I cant emphasise enough how much of a relief it is to finally switch over to "holiday mode", sure we still have a healthy dose of anxiety when faced with so much uncertainty ahead, but a strong sense of freedom and adventure has started to pump in our blood, and a slightly larger than expected payout from our work has added a bit of excitement about the endless possibilities ahead.

But for the moment we are just going to enjoy our last 48 hours in Australia with our friends, our family and maybe a few of our favorite beverages.