Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Awe of Angkor

Today we woke to find it was pouring rain and the day looked to continue in the same fashion. Yay! Our first day of Monsoon rain... Unfortunately the rain had to happen on the day we finally get to see Angkor Wat and its surrounding Angkorian Temples. Oh well, we jumped in our Tuk-Tuk with the rain shields up and headed to the Temples via a quick stop to buy two umbrellas.

This is pretty much where today's blog finishes, I'm not going to try to use words to describe what we saw today. We literally spent the entire day with our jaws gaping open saying things like "Oh my god LOOK at that!"or "Holy Fucking Shit!" all with childlike grins on our faces and utter bewilderment at everything. There are no adequate words for today and the pictures definitely wont do justice. We will be returning to the temples tomorrow (hopefully in the sunshine although the rain did keep away the mass of crowds and gave everything a very serene beauty) and we will definitely try to return to the temples of Angkor in years to come.

Enjoy the photos from today HERE