Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Prologue: Part 2- Made Lists

So we find ourselves several weeks after our first post and things are actually starting to move. We have our working visa's for the UK. The turn around time was a long and draining 1 working day. Yes, you read that right. We were warned from the start that the visas could take a full 3 months to come back. Well I guess the UK must just really like us and want to have us over there...maybe.

We find that we've finally made those lists that we were talking about last post. I mucked around with some informal written lists. It turns out Drew is even more anal than I knew. After sticking my lovely colourful hand written lists on the wall Drew decided that it needed to be done properly and promptly replaced them with widely spaced, well designed printed lists. I think this is an introduction to a part of his psyche that I didn't know about.

We are at about 6 and a half weeks from our depart date and we are at the silly point where I couldn't tell you if we are making good time on our packing and organising or if we are woefully behind. Injections are next week and it looks like we have to get all of them at once. That's going to be one massively numb arm. I've also, not yet, given notice at my second job, they might suspect something when I can't even lift my arm to serve customers next week. Well at least I know I am giving notice to them next friday. That means I can stop stressing about it then and continue...packing